Saturday, October 2, 2010

2012- 2nd

If really 2012 is the end of the world, then should we start enjoying ourselves now? Before all the disasters stike?

Human is always greedy, what we have is always not enough & we want more. Why don't we learn to appreciate things before they are gone forever?

Why do we always regret when something happen and start blaming ourselves?

Life is too short to stay angry over trivial matters, to be angry with someone forever...

No one is perfect in this world and all of us make mistakes, it only matters whether you learnt from your mistakes and turn over a new leaf.

Life is too fragile to be worrying over trifel matters and always thinking negatively.

We should be doing what we like, eating what we want, being with someone that we love, going to place that we love!!! It is important to be happy, don't bother what people say, never ever give people chances to pull you down. Take things positively and take it as a test from GOD, in that case, we will be able to live better and happier.

~~ In order to love others, we must first learn to love ourself!! ~~

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