Saturday, October 2, 2010

2012- 2nd

If really 2012 is the end of the world, then should we start enjoying ourselves now? Before all the disasters stike?

Human is always greedy, what we have is always not enough & we want more. Why don't we learn to appreciate things before they are gone forever?

Why do we always regret when something happen and start blaming ourselves?

Life is too short to stay angry over trivial matters, to be angry with someone forever...

No one is perfect in this world and all of us make mistakes, it only matters whether you learnt from your mistakes and turn over a new leaf.

Life is too fragile to be worrying over trifel matters and always thinking negatively.

We should be doing what we like, eating what we want, being with someone that we love, going to place that we love!!! It is important to be happy, don't bother what people say, never ever give people chances to pull you down. Take things positively and take it as a test from GOD, in that case, we will be able to live better and happier.

~~ In order to love others, we must first learn to love ourself!! ~~

2010 - 1st

I actually realised that whenever something bad happen to me, there will be something good that make it up to me.

In fact, it all depends on how we look at things. If you think positively, you'll take it as something good, but if you look at it negatively, then you are sure to feel bad about what happen.

I realised that I'm easily pleased. even tiny, little things or present can make me smiling whole day. A simple joke, a simple wish, a complement, something funny can really brighten up my world. Money can't buy such things. Its priceless!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

My 19th Birthday!!!

Thanks to everyone that have wished me today. Thank you so much, whether it's just a simple wishes through SMSs, telephone calls, presents, posts on FB, cards & also B'day cake.

I really appreciated what all of you have done 4 me.

It's the last teen of my life & friends ask me to have a blast & enjoy myself. I'll always keep that in mind...

To my parents & brothers:

Thank you so much. I love all of YOU SO...SO MUCH!!!

I will not be what or where am I today if not for you guys, thanks 4 always being there for me, support and be with me through good times & bad times. Thank you so much, LOve all of you so so much!!! Kai, your words are so touching, thank you so much, really appreciate that, and I will always bear in mind to be happy!!! don't worry about me... You study hard k? Give the best for the coming SPM, I know you can do it!!!

To all my friends:

Simple wishes make me happy, thanks 4 all the efforts that all of you put in.

I really appreciate them. It's been 19 years, I happy that I'm able to meet all of you as my friends, May GOD bless all of us... Friendship 4ever!!! If not because of u guys, sticking with me, supporting me, comforting me when I'm down, I don't think I'll be able to sit here & type this out... Thanks once again!!! Love all of u so much!!! ONCE WE ARE FRIENDS, WE ARE FRIENDS FOREVER!!! ^_^

Friday, September 24, 2010

Wednesday ~ what a sad day, I cried till I'm tearless.
Why do you have to say such this, have you ever consider about my feelings, it's so embarassing for me.
Argh, I'll remember you for that, but one thing for sure I won't give up, I'll proof to you, just wait and see.

u_u (T_T) ==

Friday, September 17, 2010

It's time...T_T

Boring... Hmmm, this feeling will come to me when the "time comes" & my favourite phrase during this time is "I don't want to go back!!" but mommy will be smiling, telling me "If you don't go back, then you won't be able to finish your coarse." (@_@ then X_X)

I'm not a fussy person, so about that place, *(sigh, no comment)
But seriously, when you really take some time off and reflect about that place.

>.< OMG!!!

You'll find that the disadvantages is more than the advantages. =.=''' & I'm be staying at this place for the next four years.
Just have to bear with it la, for the next 4 years... what to do... T_T
Just pray hard that there will not have any problem with the water supply anymore...
I can't live without water... Please...please...
3 weeks ago, I received a shocking news from J. I never know that you are such a person, although we are friends for not long, but i trusted you. We had so many secrets and I'm shocked that of what you said to J. I'm truly disappointed in you. Are we still friends anymore? I'm not quite sure ...

Truly speaking, honestly telling. I was damn upset that night, I was so confused. I don't know who I should trust, ya true, I'm closer to you compared to J. But after what he told me, I'm not so sure about that anymore.

I'm not angry but I'm too disappointed in you that I have lost trust in you. As though, I had been used by you.

I'm speechless... Just wanna wish you all the best in everything.
That's the last thing that I can say to you...

The day you went away...

We have known each other since F1, & till today I'm grateful to have a friend like you.
Don't know why, but from the first day I met you, I thought that we have a lot of things in common and we became quite close. But then, it changed. I think our 'close relationship' only lasted for a year. How come? I can't remember well, we have our own group of friends but we still talk once in a while. I still treat you as one of my good friend but then between us, there's nothing much to talk. I really admired you even till today, you are good in almost everything as though the word 'perfect' is mean for you. and just to let you know that, I'm proud to have a friend like you and I will always remember you as the "first friend". I always bear in mind that although we are not so close anymore, but I still think of you as one of my best friend. (From the bottom of my heart)

We won't be seeing each other for some time now. Just wish you the best of luck and take good care of yourself there. will always pray hard for you...

~ Take Care~
~ Will MISS YA ~